Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trouble In Oz - Movie & Music Trailer

Please watch this Movie Trailer of Trouble In Oz before you go through all Five Video Sections !

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Trouble In Oz

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trouble In Oz - Film Overview

It all begins in "Big City" where there are bad people pushing drugs, alcohol & tobacco to school age kids. The leader of this band of "pushers" is called "Morticia". Morticia is very ambitious and she wants to spread drugs, alcohol & tobacco use everywhere she can. Her ambition takes her so far as to wish she could even go "over the rainbow" to spread her wares. Well, her wish comes true and she and three of her pushers are zapped into the Land of Oz. Here the Scare crow, Lion and Tin Man are the rulers, but they are not a match for Morticia who names herself the "Witch of Everywhere". They must find a solution. So they ask Dorothy who is living in big city (and who has her own set of problems there) come back to Oz and help rid them of
this new wicked witch.

Over 500 extra's and actors are in this film. The music score has over 10 original music videos and the film has won the acclaim of many schools, child psychologists and government agencies. It received over 13 film awards, including 2 National Telly Awards and the Florida Motion Picture Awards "Crystal Reel".
The films review of content places the appropriate ages for viewing and for interest from 4-13 years old.

The film is divided into 5 sections. After each section the facilitator or teacher may use the review questions at the end of each section to solicit
comments and "help points" from each child that just viewed that section. The entite film is available for a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Girardeau for just $79.00. You will receive 2 DVDs in your package. The first DVD is the entire un-edited version of the film (5 sections-parts in all) with "teacher lessons" at the end of each section. Each section is about 20-25 mins. in length. The second DVD has 10 Award Winning Music Videos from the original film soundtrack.

Trouble In Oz - View Section 1

This first section of the entire film has an actual running time of over 25 miniutes. The full version has (3) full music videos and sets up important information about the rest of the film.

This is an "edited version" of Section 1 (about 11 mins.).

Trouble In Oz - View Section 2

Section 2 of the 90 min. video deals with the "drug dealers" being zapped over the rainbow to Oz. Immediately, Morticia begins her drug pushing efforts to get all the people of Oz to start using her drugs.
Section 2 of this preview has been "edited down" from the original full version section to about 5:45 minutes.

Trouble In Oz - View Section 3

The Rulers of Oz are trying desperately to combat Morticia's drug pushing. Drug usage is spreading throughout the Land of Oz. So they contact Dorothy in Big City and ask her to help them rid Oz of Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco use.

Trouble In Oz - View Section 4

The Rulers of Oz with Dorothy's help begin an "Anti-Drug" campaign. They involve everyone from Oz, as well as the kids & parents from Big City. All come together and unite against the defeat of Morticia and her drug pushers. In the last scene of this section, Dorothy presents to the kids an alternative to drug, alcohol & tobacco use in a song called: "Just Be Good To Yourself". This section presents great ideas for anti-drug campaigns.

Trouble In Oz - View Section 5

In Part 5 and the conclusion of the film, one of the munchkin kids has been given an overdose of drugs by Morticia and is in the hospital fighting for her life. The Rulers of Oz along with Dorothy set out to destroy the evil pushing Witch of Everywhere (Morticia). And finally, the pushers are arrested and everyone celebrates their victory of overcoming drug abuse.

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Trouble In Oz